Home Sales Activity for Louisville vs. Nation

Came across a great resource on real estate stats for Louisville, KY on Realtor.org. Lots to address but today I’ll just look at this first chart on home sales and growth since 2002.

Chart of Kentucky Home Sales (Red Line) and Sales Growth
This chart is for the entire state of Kentucky but it’s interesting to see how quickly the downturn came back up.

It really highlights just how slow the market has been since the first of 2007. Then, looking at things recently, we see how activity greatly.

Price ActivityLouisvilleU.S.
Current Median Home Price (2010 Q2)$136,400$176,867
1-year (4-quarter) Appreciation (2010 Q2)2.8%1.4%
3-year (12-quarter) Appreciation (2010 Q2)-2 1%-21.0%
3-year (12-quarter) Housing Equity Gain*-$2,900-$46,933
7-year (28 quarters) Housing Equity Gain*$5,200-$167
*Note: Equity gain reflects price appreciation only.

While the entire country barely held values above zero for the past seven years, Louisville saw an average equity gain of $5,200.