Hottest Areas for Louisville Home Sales

For the first time, Louisville home buyers and sellers can quickly and easily see the hottest areas for Louisville home sales with this new heat map. If it’s too small, click on the image above to open a larger version in a new version.

Louisville Days on Market Heat Map CDoM by ZIP Code, July 2014
Heat map for Louisville home sales as of July 2014. (Click to enlarge)

The chart is displaying the average of number of days a home in each ZIP code took to sell. Keep in mind this data comes from the Cumulative Days on Market field of the database which doesn’t allow listing agent to take a property off the market and put it right back just to make it appear as a New Listing.

It’s also very important to remember that more expensive homes typically take longer to sell than less expensive homes, so this bias does affect our hottest areas for Louisville home sales chart.

Lastly, some of these ZIP areas cover much larger areas than others. 40299 covers much of Jeffersontown and is VERY large, holding more square miles than many of the others combined.

While some like 40025 and 40225 are much smaller and appear to have no sales to pull from in this data set. So if you live in either of these ZIPs and don’t see your data, that’s why.

Analysis and Observations

  • When looking at hottest areas for Louisville home sales it’s interesting to see that both 40059 and 40014 in Northeast Jefferson and part of Oldham County had some of the highest CDoM’s in this survey. High values contributes greatly to this fact but can’t be the sole factor.
  • On the flip side, very interesting to see 40212 which centers on Portland hold such a low value which homes there are selling fast!
  • Similarly hot, are home sales in 40217 with an average CDoM of 45.
  • The average CDoM for Louisville is 79.

Here’s the raw data pulled from GLAR ordered by hottest area.

ZIP     July
40242   26.8
40212   27.2
40056   40
40217   45.4
40222   47.2
40205   52.6
40204   54.8
40229   55.1
40243   56.6
40215   62.6
40220   64
40206   70.6
40207   71.8
40223   74.1
40241   74.8
40219   77.5
40208   80.9
40210   83.8
40023   88.7
40245   88.8
40118   90.5
40291   91.3
40258   91.6
40299   92.6
40228   93.9
40218   97.7
40216   99.2
40214   105.8
40272   117.3
40211   124.7
40014   130.9
40213   131.8
40203   140.8
40059   141
40202   167.2

If you have any questions, please just ask!