How ‘Full’ Is the Full Service Real Estate Agent?

There are a myriad of ways to approach a career selling real estate. Many have the perception that it’s a sales job. It is not. It’s a service job. Some don’t understand the difference or are bound by different motivations but in either case, the best Louisville Realtors serve their clients.

Photo of Alfred the butler

I’ve told this to clients, “Think of me as your real estate butler.”

The reason I bring this up is because I was wondering the other day if it’s possible to be too service-oriented. Is every request (or command) made by my clients one that I should automatically merely jump and perform?

Real estate can be a demanding tyrant. There are no posted hours, only what you deem to be appropriate. I work about 55-60 hours most weeks, some even more. My phone rings after 7 pm regularly and after 9 pm from time to time. Weekends are the primary playing field for scheduling showings and Open Houses. I don’t even have a day off! That’s certainly full service, in my book.

So with all those demands, along with faith, family, and friends, how do you keep your life in balance?

It’s not an easy question nor one with a clear answer but I do believe there must be lines designed at the outset to maintain a clear demarcation between “work” and your personal life. If you don’t and the client pool runs you ragged, you’ll soon start to see them as the enemy… and that doesn’t help them, or you.