How to Become a Successful Real Estate Agent – Set the Right Goal

When I was searching across the interwebs for the topic How to Become a Successful Real Estate Agent something occurred to me. One of the most searched for themes on all of the Internet is “how do I become a successful…” and then different highly-searched things follow the words:

  • blogger
  • student
  • author
  • real estate agent

It’s obvious that people are searching. What’s not clear is how to achieve it. With more than 30,400,00 Google results to this query, that’s an ocean freighter sized load to search through.

Screen shot of Google results for search how to become a successful real estate agent
It looks like there a lot of people who want to know “how to become a successful real estate agent.”

Before we get to any recommended best practices, it’s important to take a step back and analyze which goals you can choose from in the crazy, up-and-down world of real estate.

After considering the choices, it might surprise you to learn which one that I put at the top of the list for successful agents.

It’s not setting goals. It’s setting the right goals.

Let’s brainstorm! When you think about successful real estate agents, what comes to your mind?

Photo of a Mercedes E550
This Mercedes certainly looks like the kind of car a successful person would drive.
  • Do you think about having your face on billboards across the city? Maybe a glossy ad on the back cover of your favorite local magazine?
  • Do you picture yourself behind the wheel of a new Mercedes E550? Oh wow, they are beautiful.
  • Does the image of you attending a closing every single business day for a month really get your blood pumping?
  • How about getting that phone call from a celebrity who heard you were the best agent in your city and he’d like to use you to buy a million-dollar mansion?

These are all things that might come to mind when you think of becoming a successful real estate agent. And to be truthful, they’re not necessarily wrong.

Most people would start by defining success in the world of real estate in terms of dollars made or properties sold. Companies like REMAX, Century 21 and others have yearly award banquets to honor their “most successful agents.” These are the criteria they use when deciding who to give those brass embossed plaques that we take and toss in the storage bin in the basement.

If I may, I’d like to offer a different goal. Making the multi-million gross sales club is difficult. My goal is not so hard.

Trying to sell 100 homes in a year is incredibly difficult. But I have a goal that if you set your mind to it, I guarantee you can achieve it.

Curious? Just a minute more and I’ll share my secret with you.

Good is the enemy of best

Have you ever heard that saying? Good is the enemy of best. I can hear some of you now… “Tre, you’re not making much sense here.” Fair enough, let me explain.

There are times when you do a good job. The client’s home closed. The funds are out of escrow. The moving trucks have come and gone. And, of course, you received your commission check… we can’t forget that.

But on your drive home, you may think, “I could have done a better job.” And that’s true! All of us, everyone, can do better. We can move up the rankings from good, to better, to best.

So, are you ready? Here it is. This is the goal that I think all of us should rank first.

Be the best real estate agent your client has ever had.

Now, it’s not easy. It’s going to take some hard work.

You’ll need to answer your cellphone at times you’d really rather not. You may need to show your buyers a couple of homes, you know deep down, they will never buy.

Photo of a happy young lady
When your real estate client feels like this, that’s when you’re on the path to true success.

A Successful Real Estate Agent Will…

If you really want to know, here are the big four keys points.

  1. Go the extra mile
  2. Always show up with a smile on your face
  3. Be ready to serve your clients
  4. Use every ability in your arsenal.

Then, you’ll be winning. I believe that the highest goal of the most successful real estate agent is 100% customer satisfaction.

Now, you will not achieve that goal with every client. Sometimes things happen that are beyond your realm of control. That’s life. Still… that doesn’t mean this should cease being your primary goal.

Want to know how to become a successful real estate agent? Create clients that are raving fans of you and the service you gave them.

Then, almost miraculously, the other goals on your list are going to happen as well.

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