How to Get a Luxury Vibe on a Budget

If you’re like me, then you’ve marveled at the interior décor they have in luxe hotels and the kinds of homes that end up on magazine pages. I’ve always wanted to have a home like that, but it can be challenging, particularly if you’re on a tight budget. But, luckily enough, there are many ways to give your home that luxury vibe on a budget.

Photo of living space decluttered

There was a time when the mysteries to grade-A interior design were kept secret by the best interior designers; not anymore. Over the years, interior designers have shared lots of simple and inexpensive tips for giving your home the overhaul it requires to look like a proper luxe home.

Declutter Your Home

This one is first on the list for the mere reason that it is the easiest thing to implement. It’s also absolutely free! Getting all that extra stuff out of your living room and sticking to a weekly cleaning routine is the best first step you can take to give your house a luxury vibe.

Cleaning helps you maintain a lot of stuff that would otherwise grow old and fade too quickly. Your furniture, for example, will look old too quickly if you don’t clean it regularly. The same goes for your rugs, which will accumulate lots of stains over their lifetime. Cleaning them allows you to clean all the stains off before they become permanent and to identify weak spots early enough. Your windows will also benefit from regular cleaning because they’ll be clear enough to allow natural light in.

Decluttering your home also allows the key elements of the interior to stand out. Your interior becomes more spacious, and you have a better opportunity to appreciate, and even improve your décor.

Invest in Good Lighting

Photo of luxury lighting
Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

You’d be surprised how much good the right kind of lighting can do to your home. It’s something that’s generally overlooked but can do a world of wonders in improving the look of an interior. Whatever you do, don’t go for standard lighting in your home. Try to spice things up a bit by going for something unique.

You don’t need deep pockets to do this; all you need is patience and a knowledge of the right places to look. You can go to flea markets and antique shops. You can get lots of budget-friendly light fixtures at places like these. You can also do something for yourself, such as adding a drum shade to your light fixtures.

You might need to do an extra paint job here and there or a little buffing, but it’s well worth the investment. The result is that your home will look elegant for a few dollars. Also, make sure you’ve got plenty of sources of light in your home for that extra luxe feel. Combine ceiling lights with floor and table lamps, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the effect.

Invest in Modern Style Furniture

Photo of luxury furniture

According to Rentfeather, a company that helps people rent furniture in New York, buying cheap furniture cheapens the look of your home. At this point, you’re probably protesting and thinking that the only reason you buy cheap furniture is that expensive furniture is, well, expensive. But you can get really good and high-quality furniture at surprisingly good prices.

Don’t do your furniture shopping at regular furniture stores. Instead, aim for estate sales, second-hand stores, antique stores, and consignment shops. There you will get plenty of high-quality furniture at incredibly good prices. You can even use the savings to have the furniture reupholstered, so it matches your décor.

Don’t Forget the Windows

Photo of space with tons of windows

Windows have a great way of bringing elegance to your interior without a fuss. All you need to do is treat them correctly, and they will do you right in return. The trick is not to be cheap. Don’t go for cheap and unlined materials when dressing your windows as they often look very bad and the cheapness shows. If possible, also try to avoid see-through materials.

The best materials for window dressing include linen, cotton, and silk. Materials like polyester should be avoided at all costs. If you want to go for blinds, then bamboo and other types of softwood should do just fine.

How high you hang your curtains also matters. High curtains create the feeling of a large space in the room and give off elegant vibes. Don’t fix the curtain racks just above the windows, especially if the window tops are low. Fix them as close to the ceiling as you can get.

Go Big with Your Pillows

Photo of inviting couch with pillows

Pillows will not only make your home look more elegant, but they will also give your guests a little more comfort to enjoy when they visit your home. The trick is to choose your pillows just right.

For starters, don’t choose standard-sized pillows. Go for the large 22-inch ones and make sure they are soft, so they look inviting. Next, don’t go for bland colors. Play around with the colors as much as you can because it gives your house a vibrant look.

Luxury Vibe on a Budget

It’s really not that hard to make your home look like one of the suites at a high-end resort. All it takes is a bit of thrift shopping and some creativity. Most of all, however, don’t forget the cleanliness factor.