How to Make Your Home Stylish AND Functional

When decorating the home, our first thought is “style.” But you also want a space that works for you and your family. Many people feel like they have to pick one over the other. It can be challenging to find the perfect balance between the two. Finding a balance between the two does not have to be about choosing one over the other. In this article, we are going to look at how to make your home stylish and functional.

Photo of a stylish and functional living room that is also quite modern
Image by Jean van der Meulen

1. Remove as Much Clutter as Possible

Clutter can hide the details that make the different spaces in the home pop. And it will almost always make your spaces less functional. For example, it is much harder to prepare a meal in a kitchen where things are strewn all over the place.

Before you start decluttering, you need to have enough space and then designate an area where different things go. You should have a designated space for items like shoes and coats in your closet, for example. Ensuring you put these items in these spaces every time you need to store them will help keep your home free of clutter.

2. Have Defined Spaces

A functional home has designated areas for everything. Even though you might want to go with an open-plan living space, you need to ensure each area is only used for its purpose. For example, you should ensure the dining area has only what you need there. The same goes for the living room and bedroom.

Having these designated spaces also makes things easier when shopping for furniture for your home. You can choose a VidaXL coffee table for the combined sitting and living area and choose different furniture for the dining area.

You can also use plants and rugs to divide these spaces while also ensuring no furniture crosses into the other area to make the designation more obvious.

3. Choose Furniture That Flows Together

Flow is dictated by the space you have remaining when you arrange the furniture and how different furniture fits into each other. Ask yourself if you can move around an area of the house without bumping into anything and if your furniture is arranged properly in relation to each other.

Using furniture that is the right shape makes it easier to attain flow in areas such as the kitchen. For example, a square kitchen table makes it easy to move around and for two people to work in the kitchen at the same time. You can even push the dining chairs under this main table for even more space and better flow.

4. Insist on Good Lighting

While lighting is incredibly important in a home, many people did not think about it. This is perhaps because it is much harder to determine what light does to a room.

However, light can affect a room significantly. Very bright white light can make the space feel too clinical. If the light is too dim then the space will feel cramped and small. Warm light tones can make it feel cozy and inviting so choose your lights according to the space.

You do not have to choose style or function over the other because you can strike a balance between them with proper planning and organization. Think about how you want to use a specific space. Then decorate it with your personal style and functionality in mind.