How to Write Property Descriptions That Sell

The property sale is an art in its form. You need to plan everything to a “T” to get the best deal. However, property sellers aren’t always experienced in such work. In fact, they tend to face first challenges as early as writing the property description. Making your potential buyers feel in love with the property you sell is a complex task. You need to maintain a perfect balance between selling a dream and reality. In this piece, we are going to teach you how to write property descriptions that sell!

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Photos are the big draw in real estate listings but a first-rate description can paint additional images in the buyer’s mind.

How to Write Property Descriptions That Sell

First, you have to sell them the idea of living in this house. It needs to be believable but very appealing to as many people as possible. The real estate listing is the strongest marketing the property is likely to have.

Of course, writing such a review takes more than a few drafts. Fortunately, you can always order a customized description written by professional writers. However, make sure to choose reliable services for such a task. Learn how not to get scammed before you place your order online. On the other hand, you can get some help using these simple tips below.

1. Write a Strong Title

When you begin to learn how to write property descriptions that sell, the title plays a major role in. First, it has to be informative. So, this one-liner has to be realistic and deliver all the main advantages/specifics of the property. Secondly, it has to be catchy. It must look attractive. A title should interest people in opening the full profile and reading the text below. So don’t just write “A house for sale.” Instead, write titles like, “A charming 2-bedroom cottage house in a quiet, friendly area.” The latter title provides people with enough information to fully picture the property.

2. Offer a Brief Property Summary 

If a potential buyer opens the site, they need to read the general scope of information you offer below. Hence, they need to be welcomed with the summary. Look at it as seeing the facade of the house for the first time. They should assess the general area of the property, its size, condition, view, etc. Hence, it can be one or two sentences about what buyers can get by considering such a home.

3. Describe Each Room

Of course, potential buyers need information about each room. Be specific and precise with your descriptions. Don’t overuse exclamation points or adjectives. Yet, don’t be too cold and generic with your description. People who consider a new property want to build an emotional connection with it as soon as they buy it. Help them achieve that.

Still, be accurate and focus on positive elements only. If necessary, add examples of comparisons to bring more life to the text. For instance, write about how the kitchen is perfect for large family hosting.

You may add any extra information, including some of the property’s downsides, at the end. Again, though, don’t mix such things with the overall description.

4. Provide Enough Visual Content

Words have immense power over our imagination. However, people need to see things for themselves to believe you fully. Hence, they need visuals. Provide your potential buyers with plenty of visuals of your property to finalize the deal. They have to see everything you describe. To make it even better, you may provide a photo or video and put a charming description of everything they miss in the picture, like a homemade dinner aroma in a kitchen, a cozy night in the living room, children running around laughing, etc.

The combination of words and visuals will draw the full picture of the place, leaving people no chance of skipping this deal. Though, be careful about your visual choices. You better learn what kind of photos sell better or even hire a professional to help achieve the best results. Bad photos immediately turn buyers away before they have a chance to read your text.

5. Highlight the Area

Often, people choose the area they want to live in before even looking at the property. So, you are not only selling a house. You also sell the area the house is located. Explain to potential buyers why they would be lucky to live in such a great neighborhood. Tell them what the site has to offer, like various services, attractions, places to go, stores, etc.

First, such information is practical, so it helps them evaluate the neighborhood. Secondly, such a description helps them visualize their lives in the area. They immediately think of where they will go for groceries, attend the gym, bring their kids to school, and so on. These little details help connect a person to a place, making their choice much easier. In addition, you need to convince people that the area is safe and convenient on many levels.

Bottom Line 

As you begin to understand how to write property descriptions that sell, you’ll get more and more comfortable. Start by imagining the life you are offering to ‌potential buyers. Focus on emotions as much as on practical aspects. Use correct words and be generous with the adjectives.

Focus on the advantages of the house for the most part of the description. The rest of the text should explain property features and other specifics. Lastly, don’t forget to outline the general area description, so people can better understand the neighborhood. It’s truly not as hard as it may appear at ‌first glance. Follow these guidelines to capture the essence of your property. Good luck!

Tre Pryor, Realtor

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