How Will 2011 Be Different?

It looks like there won’t be a major upswing in home buyers/sellers in the upcoming year. At least that’s what the experts are saying. So how can I improve upon this past year? And trust me, there definitely needs to be improvement. I’m still in the Top 20 but more is needed.

  1. version 3.0: You can never stop improving. In addition to all the new SEO best practices I’ve learned, I want to organize reorganize the overall site structure better for people using the main section, the Best Louisville Neighborhoods and all the related real estate content, like maps, photo databases, etc.

    The biggest thing will be the new and improved IDX. I’m actually interviewing Louisville Web programmers this week to help.
  2. Network Like a Monkey: I don’t know if monkeys network but if they don’t, they should… and me too! I don’t especially enjoy it because it feels forced but a weak market, I need to everything in my power to up my exposure and help those around me to do the same. I do like what’s going on at Insider Louisville.
  3. Increase Marketing: My marketing budget has been minimal because, well… I’ve been taking things cautiously. But I do believe that I need to increase marketing this year in targeted spots. WayFM sponsorship is continuing, along with SoI quarterly’s and monthly emails but am looking at a lead buy that might be positive.
  4. Additional Web Properties: I have a couple of concepts floating around in my head that will be fun to create and use for cross-linking. More importantly, they should be engaging to my target market. We’ll see…

What are your plans for improving yourself in 2011?