What Should I Do When I Need to Sell My House

When you need to sell your house, it’s often a daunting task. This is usually because the average homeowner doesn’t know what all they need to do aside from just planting a sign in their yard and throwing photos of the home on a couple of websites. If you’re trying to get the most cash fast, then those things are not the only thing you need to do. In this guide, we’re going to give you some advice that will help you sell your home faster and for a higher value. Much of this information comes from Sell My House Easy Fast.

Photo of Home in Douglass Hills
Some homes are easier to sell than others. If your looks nice like this one, it will sell much faster. Homes that need work typically take three- to four times longer to sell.

I Need to Sell My House

Follow these steps to learn what you should do in order to get your house sold. It may take a bit of work but it will be worth it in the long run.

Find a Good Agent (If You Choose To)

When you’re looking for an agent, you need to go with ones who know about your area, the specific real estate market for your house, and someone who is a local seasoned pro. Make sure they don’t have too many active listings and also make sure they don’t have too few.

Exterior Decorating is a Plus

By doing landscaping and exterior design, you can enhance your curb appeal. This isn’t just an option though. Most home buyers need you to do this because a lot of people put a great deal of emphasis on a great first impression. You want your house to stand out, right?

Get Rid of All Your Mess

Clutter is definitely something on the inside that can make a difference. Make sure your house is completely spotless! Wash your windows, tables, and any furniture that you’re not going to use for staging.

Sometimes during this time, it’s best to take your personal belongings out so you can make it look like it’s not “your house”. Imagine what you’d want a home buyer to do. Remove family photos, pets, and more so it’s ready for the show.

Do Some Basic Remodeling

I’ve heard people say, “I need to sell my house” but then they don’t do the right things in order to make that happen. Completing repairs isn’t optional in this day and age. Then make sure that you repaint your walls, as well as get rid of any issues. Throw in some decorative plants, eliminate any odors (pets can sometimes give off scents that their owners become immune to smelling over time), and clean your house vigorously.

Stage Your Home Properly

If necessary (or if you want the extra help), hire an interior decorator to help you stage your home well. This will help you a ton so that your house can be appraised for more. Sometimes, this is the best option because it also saves you a lot of hassle.


By using the tips provided above, you can help to not only sell your house faster but for more cash in your pocket. We know this guide covers a lot of ground but if you complete each step, your house worth more in not only the nearer future but even in the long run.

You’ve heard the word “squared away.” That’s what you need to do with everything when it comes to selling your home. Once these things are done, then it’s time to start taking those photos and listing and posting your home all over the place. Even if you’re using a Realtor, you can still refer people to buy your home from them on things like social media.