Improve Your Deck for the Fourth

Home improvements can cover anything from replacing a faucet to adding an addition to your house. Given that it’s the 4th of July, I thought I’d post how you can improve your outdoor experience by updating your deck. Just three steps… let’s get started!

Photo of a nicely stained deck
Wood decks require you to stain them every few years to ensure a longer life.

1. Wash the Deck

It may sound like an unnecessary step but experts agree that washing the deck first makes repairs easier, and more importantly, helps the staining process. Rent a power washer and have at it! Make sure to let the wood dry overnight before moving to the next step.

2. Repair Any Problem Spots

Nail pops, loose screws or cracked boards will each require your attention in this step. Using screws rather than nails gives the connection a more secure fit. If you’re replacing a board or two, the new boards may appear to be a bit larger than the current ones but they’ll shrink a bit as time goes forward.

3. Stain the Deck

Unlike composite decking, first made famous by Trex, wooden decks need to be treated every few years. You can’t always believe what the label on a can of stain boasts, in terms of how long the stain will last. Instead, look to experts like Consumer Reports who rate Cabot Decking Stain very well. Getting 3 years out of treatment is better than average.

Also remember, after applying the stain, wait about 48 hours before walking on the deck to allow it time to sink in.

I hope you find this information helpful. Enjoy your summer!