Interior Design on a Budget, You Can Afford It!

There are many myths surrounding the interior design profession that we are always happy to debunk. One of those myths is that the average person cannot afford an interior designer. Here are the reasons why this isn’t true and how a designer can actually save you money. Read on to learn more about interior design on a budget.

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Interior Design on a Budget: Pick One Room

Now more than ever, good interior designers recognize the fact that the average client may want to complete the design of their home in small stages. Most are willing to assist you on a more financially manageable scale. Spreading out projects over time allows you to keep your finances on track while making small improvements along the way. If there isn’t any room in the budget to make purchases at the time of the visit, the designer can put together a list detailing what you will need in the future to complete your home transformation.

Designers Can and Should Work with What You Already Have

Many people do not realize that you can keep the furniture and accessories you already have. It’s still possible to make a dramatic change within your home. Repairing, re-painting, and re-arranging furnishings can make a huge improvement in your home’s style. Finding the right interior designer who will do this can save you big bucks. This increasingly popular method is called re-design and finding a firm that offers this will help to keep your home’s makeover incredibly budget-friendly.

Designers Can Actually Save You Money

We as designers hear this all the time: “I bought this (fill in the blank) but I haven’t really found a place to use it” or “I painted the walls twice already and I still think that this yellow is too bright.” Hire a designer that can help you to define your design concept and coordinate all of your purchases to the design concept. This eliminates unnecessary buying.

Before remodeling, have your designer on board from the start of the project. This allows you to get it right the first time, which is the goal of interior design on a budget.

If you have been thinking about making some changes to your home or hiring a Louisville interior designer you should consider making that first appointment. Many firms offer a free initial consultation so that you can discern what the designer has to offer.

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