Jefferson County Home Sales Up 12.6% in March

Jefferson County home sales continue to impress! Looks like early markers weren’t kidding around.

Jefferson County Home Sales Comparison through March 2015
We have to go back to 2007 to find a month where more homes were sold in Jefferson County during March.

Home sales were higher in each of the past 4 months year-over-year and it appears this trend will continue into the Spring.

During March, 805 homes were sold in Jefferson County, up 12.6% over the 715 homes sold in March 2014.

Most Louisville MLS areas are improving. Quantity count is greatest in the largest areas, but what’s interesting is how much one area jumped in 2015 while the others grew only slightly or dipped a bit.

Which area? Why it’s which makes sense so areas Area 8: Middletown, Hurstbourne, Douglass Hills and part of Anchorage!

Check out this new chart I’m unveiling today. I hope to make it a staple of this monthly piece for Louisville Homes Blog. (If I forget, just let me know.)

Chart of March home sales by MLS Area in Louisville KY compared to previous year
Breaking out Jefferson County home sales by MLS area helps us see which parts of the city are improving most.

So Areas 5 and 6 both were lower this year but Area 8 more than made up the difference.

So now, let’s look back and see how Jefferson County home sales this March, compared to previous years.

Jefferson County Home Sales in March

2005   997
2006   991
2007   949
2008   725
2009   579
2010   694
2011   648
2012   681
2013   757
2014   715
2015   805

Since the housing recession ended, we are moving higher, yet still not up to the pre-recession levels, at least for the month of March. Other months have performed better but as long as I see improvement, I will take heart that Louisville real estate is in good shape.