5 Effective Techniques to Keep a Pest-Free Kitchen

Although the world has changed a lot over the last hundred years, one thing remains true, the kitchen is still the heart of the home. Of course, today there are many ways in which you can design your kitchen and a vast array of technological options to make life easier. But what about pests? We share five ways you can maintain a pest-free kitchen.

Photo of a nicely updated kitchen - 5 Effective Techniques to Keep a Pest-Free Kitchen

5 Effective Techniques to Keep a Pest-Free Kitchen

Keeping pests out of the kitchen is crucial for maintaining hygiene and preventing food contamination. Pests like rodents and insects can spread diseases, spoil food, and cause structural damage. Effective pest control ensures a clean cooking environment, protects health, and upholds food safety standards, making it essential for every household.

1. Keep It Clean

Because the kitchen is where the food is located, that is a powerful draw for developing a pest problem. So perhaps the most important thing is cleaning. If you’re preparing food then wipe the surfaces down as soon as you’ve finished. When storing food, especially open packets, put them in sealed containers, and make sure you vacuum the floor regularly.

A few crumbs may seem like nothing to you as you sweep them onto the floor. But, to a rodent or other house pest, they are a feast. By removing food waste and wiping surfaces with a disinfectant, you’re eliminating the source of food.

That means other houses will be more attractive to pests than yours.

2. Regular Inspections

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In many cases, you don’t know you have a pest problem until it becomes an infestation. This is because pests tend to hide from humans. It’s only when there are lots of them that you will start seeing the odd one. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait, contact your local pest control and get them to inspect your property annually.

They will identify any current pests and the potential for future pests, and they can deal with the issue quickly and effectively for you. Depending on the issue you’re experiencing, you may need to hire pest control experts or you might be able to tackle the problem yourself.

3. Seal Gaps

Removing the things that attract pests is great. But, if you really want to make sure you don’t have a pest problem take some time to inspect your home. Pay particular attention to areas around doors and windows. If you see any gaps or cracks, seal them up. This will prevent pests from getting into your house and kitchen.

4. Essential Oils

Most pests are not keen on citrus oils and similar essential oils, such as orange oil, peppermint, and citronella. One simple and natural thing you can do to keep a pest-free kitchen is the use of these essential oils. Just add a few drops of these in water to wipe the kitchen counters. This will deter pests.

It is also possible to put a few drops in an oil burner and position the oil burner by the door or windows. It will keep the pests away.

5. Check for Leaks

There are several basic maintenance specialists that every homeowner needs on speed dial. A good plumber should be on that list.

Pests need food and water to survive, just like humans. That’s why you need to check your home for dampness. You may have a water leak that is creating dampness in specific areas of your home, such as in your foundations or the floor. This will go a long way to keeping a pest-free kitchen.

Start by taking a water meter reading and then do not use the water for a couple of hours. Check the meter, if the reading has changed you have a leak and need to find it.

It’s also worth checking for sitting water in gutters and garden ornaments, as well as using a damp meter on the walls. Removing excess moisture makes your home less attractive to pests.

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