Keeping Your Louisville Home Clean and Safe This Spring

As spring comes to your Louisville home, many homeowners will be investing in home improvement projects. Maybe you want to improve the look of your home. Or, possibly improve the security of your loved ones. It’s smart to check some home maintenance tasks off your to-do list in order to avoid expensive fixes later on. This way, you will raise your home’s value and save yourself money down the road.

Could this be your Louisville home?
Does your Louisville home need some updating? Making sure to complete routine maintenance ensures gains in your largest personal investment—your home.

While many people may think that spring cleaning is limited to their kitchens and closets, that’s not true. It’s just as important to do a comprehensive check-up of the outside of your home.

Does Your Louisville Home Need a Clean-Up?

This past winter was brutal. Louisville, not known for harsh weather had a rough one. Homeowners may encounter everything from cracked cement to missing shingles on their roof.

  • Inspect and clean your heating and air conditioning systems.
  • Empty your gutters of leaves and debris.
  • Check your roof for missing shingles and weak spots.
  • See if your garage floor has any new cracks to fill.

Additionally, fluctuating temperatures in the spring can warp the wood on your doors and windows. If you notice any vulnerabilities it may be time to replace them.

Protect Yourself and Your Belongings

While you are repairing your windows and doors, consider ramping up your home’s security system. Some home security systems need to be professionally installed, such as ADT’s “Pulse” technology or Control4’s automated security platform.

Both of these “smart” security systems are highly customizable. This makes it easy to integrate automated technology into your daily routine. While these systems may be convenient, however, they also come with a hefty price tag.

Your home security needs do not have to managed by a salesperson or manufacturer. DIY home security projects can be completed in the space of an afternoon. It’s extremely important to protect your belongings and even more so your family’s safety.

There are plenty of ways to protect your Louisville home in a do-it-yourself fashion. At its most basic, a burglar alarm does not require professional installation and can protect a home or apartment of any size.

Today, systems perform their tasks wirelessly. Sync them to your smartphone for round-the-clock alarm monitoring. You also have the option of installing cameras. Inside or out, cameras will keep you up-to-the-second informed. What was once only an option for the very wealthy is now accessible to nearly everyone.

With over 3,000 home robberies occurring in Louisville each year, security should be a priority for all homeowners.

Make the Neighbors Jealous

Make the outdoor space of your Louisville home something to envy by getting your lawn and garden in perfect condition. Spring is the ideal time to get your hands dirty and prepare for the growing season.

Begin by cleaning up your yard and picking up branches that may have fallen during the winter. Help your lawn look its best by checking the pH of the soil. Then work to keep crabgrass or other weeds under control.

Before adding new plants and vegetables, add a pre-emergent fertilizer such as organic corn gluten meal to your garden beds. It’s crucial to properly fertilize, clean, and mow your yard early in the season. This will get your green spaces healthy and vibrant all summer long.

Check these items completed on your spring checklist. Then rest easy knowing your Louisville home is prepared for the upcoming warmer temps.