Kentucky Home Values Up 2.8%, 16th Best in Nation

The government isn’t big on branding, otherwise they wouldn’t name organizations things like the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight (OFHEO). Nonetheless, they are big on data… and tons of it!

OFHEO just released this 82-page monster titled Decline in House Prices Accelerates in First Quarter. Doesn’t sound very positive does it? But wait!

Jump to page 19 and you’ll find that Kentucky ranks 16th in the nation with a 1-Year appreciation of 2.81%. Notice I wrote appreciation rather than depreciation? The nation as a whole was down -0.03% but states 37 through 51 were all down. The biggest loser is predictably California with a -10.58%. Ouch.

We here in Louisville have a lot to be thankful for. With LG&E sporting some of the nations lowest utility rates and home prices still rising, it’s a great place to live. Now, if we can only start drawing in more growing companies.