Key Measurements for the Perfect Garage

Buying a property is never an easy task. There are so many things you should be taking into consideration. From the year when the house was built, the materials used, the size of the house, its location, and its proximity to your areas of interest. But no matter what kind of home you love, you should also pay special attention to the garage. In this article, we will have a closer look at the key measurements for the perfect garage and their importance.

Photo of a home with a perfect garage - Photo by Tre Pryor
Some buyers looking for a new home make the perfect garage priority #1. | Photo by Tre Pryor

Things evolve, the garage should do so too

It might come as a surprise, but contrary to popular belief, garages have maintained roughly the same size since they and the first car models appeared. But that was more than a century ago! As we have seen, there have been many changes in a car’s functions and size. You can now enjoy similar functions in all forms, shapes, and most importantly sizes. But can your garage provide enough space for such a car?

New era, different needs

Another reason why you should take into consideration these key measurements for your garage is today’s different needs. If when cars first appeared, owning one was a luxury, nowadays, this has become a commodity and a necessity. If back then one car for one family was enough. Today we can encounter families where every member owns a private vehicle. A perfectly sized garage can help you and your car from any potential damages such as scratching your door due to lack of space. It will also lessen the probability of needing a car accident attorney who will have to deal with the insurance company.

Overall dimensions

The goal is to have at least 10 by 20 feet of space for each car you want to keep inside your garage. Then add the space between the cars. Allow for at least 36 inches to comfortably open the car’s doors without any problems. The garage door (or doors) will then be sized to fit the overall space.

Extra features

These measurements can strictly accommodate the needs of the car. You likely want to store other things in your garage as well. Take into consideration their size and add this to the size that is already required for the cars. You should also consider the driveway which should be similar in size to the garage to offer you enough mobility.

Whether you’re looking into buying a new property or you are just looking into renovating your existing one, now you know what the key measurements for a perfect garage are.