Kiplinger Tabs Louisville Regional Winner in Home Prices Stability

Louisville KY

Kiplinger, Forbes, and other financial publications understand that the general public doesn’t care about the minutiae of high finance. So instead of reaching and connecting with the “every man” they create lists.

Today, we see Kiplinger ranking Cities Where Home Prices Have Held Up Best. It’s a fairly easy calculation.

We chose each region’s top performer in 2009, based on the percentage change in the median home price.

So, who do you think won the prestigious East South Central region? Well, this is the Louisville Homes Blog, right? Here’s their bio on our fair city.

Louisville, KY
Percent change in 2009: -1.1%
Metro population: 1,258,577
Median home price: $146,061
Median income: $61,500
Affordability index: 2.4
Unemployment rate: 12.1%
Rate of foreclosure: 1/32 households

Think of Louisville, and bluegrass, bourbon and horses probably come to mind. But the city’s top 15 publicly traded companies run the gamut, from a manufacturer of dry cargo and tank barges to Yum Brands. Health care is big, reflected in a downtown medical research campus and the headquarters of Humana, a major health insurer. UPS operates a global air-freight hub out of this city in the East South Central region.

I think that settles it. Louisville is one of the best housing markets in the nation.

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