Landscaping Trends You Need to Know About

If the New Year has made you look around your home and evaluate what needs to be done… you’re not alone. You want your space to be welcoming for you and your family (or even renters) to live in. Or, maybe you are getting ready for a sale. In this piece, we’re going to cover the most important landscaping trends to get you started. Ready? Let’s go!

Photo of a an outdoor water feature

With so many different ideas to choose from when it comes to outdoor areas, it can be challenging to decide what to do. There aren’t as many trends outdoors as there are indoors but it pays to keep an eye on some of the popular trends in landscape design.

1. Yards for Busy People

So many people work long hours and have less time to dedicate to their lawns and gardens. One key landscaping trend is to have yards that cater to busy people. If you like the thought of spending less time getting your backyard in order this year, start by reducing the amount of lawn you have altogether. Then think about hiring a service to handle regular maintenance. If you are in this area, here’s a great Denver lawn mowing option. Or ask your Realtor or neighbors for companies in your city.

To enjoy a no-fuss garden, consider taking up space in your yard with paving. Concrete works great for specific entertaining areas. You may also want to move into a newer development where there are smaller yards. Many enjoy a simple balcony, rooftop, patio, or deck for their outdoor space.

Keep in mind that with the trend for minimal gardens comes the need for more multi-purpose features. More and more manufacturers are coming up with products that can do double duty and therefore take up less space. For example, check out curb edging along with decks that can also function as a seat wall or a planter box, or fire pits that also provide heating and some stylish pizzazz to an entertaining space.

2. Separate Outdoor Entertaining Areas

Another trend is having separate outdoor entertaining areas. That is, rather than simply sticking with dining and relaxing spaces that adjoin the house, via sliding or other doors, more people are now pushing their alfresco dining setups out into their gardens.

This trend could be for you if you have a large year or live in the country. The creation of an entertaining zone immersed within the surrounding landscape can lead to more of a peaceful “escape.” Truly take in the beauty of your gardens and have more chances to spot the various animals that live nearby.

If you want to follow the trend, perhaps create a casual open-air, pavilion-based structure, or go for something more permanent that features special outdoor flooring, installed lighting, and, of course, furniture.

3. Secluded, Calming Areas for Quiet Time

Photo of a backyard garden

With so many homeowners stressed and overwhelmed, one of the hot landscaping trends is calming areas perfect for a quiet time. People aren’t just being mindful indoors now, but also outdoors, where they can breathe in the fresh air and feel more “grounded.”

Zen gardens have become particularly popular. These soothing spaces can include elements such as water features, for example, fountains, koi ponds, and reflecting pools.

Another great landscaping idea would be a sculpture or bonsai tree. Fire pits with comfortable seating areas are particularly hot right now.  People are even incorporating specific yoga and meditation spaces into their yards.

4. Taking the Environment into Consideration

For people interested in taking care of the natural environment, maybe you’d like to restore some nearby animal habitats. This is often done by planting trees, shrubs, and flowers more likely to attract wildlife. Gardens and trees provide homes for many creatures. In particular, butterflies, bees, frogs, birds, turtles, and various insects are encouraged to enter gardens. If this is your home area, call tree service Austin when planting trees.

Make sure to use native plants, which are more likely to prosper. Consider the use of gardening products that are sustainable.

People are also more interested in ways they can reduce the use of chemicals in their yards. This is especially when it comes to pesticides and fertilizers. Also, there has been a big rise in the number of people who grow food at home. This helps them avoid buying produce that has been chemically sprayed. More and more local gardens are popping up all over the country.

We hope this article on current landscaping trends has inspired you to get out in your yard. The work might be challenging but the results are well worth the effort.