Local Lender Offers American Dream Program to Louisville Businesses

This isn’t the type of piece you typically find on my website. But if you’re a local business owner, this could be a valuable addition to your company’s benefits package and it won’t cost you a dime. Swan Financial Mortgage Services has created the American Dream Program. Sounds promising right? It was created by Randy Raque, a Mortgage Loan Expert, with Swan. I sat down with Randy to learn more about it.

Photo of family with two young girls in front of a new home

Tell me about this new program that Swan Financial has created. What is it called?

“It’s called the American Dream Program. We educate people on the home-buying process from start to finish in a very easy-to-understand brochure. We can also send it in digital format.”

“Swan Financial comes on the worksite and takes 10 minutes to explain the home buying process. We provide breakfast or lunch for all employees that attend this meeting.”

What are the benefits to home buyers who qualify? What are the requirements?

“The benefits to the home buyers are feeling more comfortable with the home buying process. They also receive a $500 Visa gift card at the closing table when they purchase their home.”

“The requirements vary. We have no money down options that is less expensive than what most renters are paying monthly for rent.”

Can any Louisville business take advantage of this program? Have any local businesses already joined up?

“Yes, any business in the state of Kentucky can take advantage of this program. Several business people have taken so far including Bachman Chevrolet, Kentuckiana Sheet Metal, and many other local companies.”

Anything else to share?

“Employers may want to know that homeownership increases production at an office by as much as 12%. Also, the net worth of a renter is $5,400 compared to a homeowner which is $194,500.”

That’s good info. Thanks for your time!

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