Louisville a ‘Best Place to Live’ Due to Low Cost of Living

eHow.com put together a list of their five favorite cities for a low cost of living and guess who made the list? Louisville, of course! Here’s what they had to say about our fair city.

Great Louisville homes
Some great neighborhoods cost more than others but Louisville has a large number of bargain-priced homes across the city. (Photo Tre Pryor)

With all the glamour associated with horse racing in Kentucky, Louisville still ranks as one of the best places to live with a low cost of living. According to Kiplinger, housing costs are well below the national average and play a big role in the city’s affordability. This site also states that Louisville has lower-than-average costs for grocery items and health care. Additionally, according to City Data from December of 2009, Louisville received an 84.4 out of 100 for its cost-of-living index.

Not too shabby right? Louisvillians already knew this but it’s great PR for the rest of the country to hear about us.

The other cities on the list were Fort Smith, AR, McAllen, TX, Pueblo, CO and Springfield, IL. I’m sure each of those is a wonderful place but seriously, from those choices who wouldn’t say, “Louisville Kentucky is the best place to live!“?