Louisville foreclosures map updated for April 2014

What was once a monstrous issue is now almost an after-thought… Louisville foreclosures.

Louisville foreclosures map for April 2014
Similar to what we’ve seen on recent our December Louisville foreclosure map, the locations where foreclosures are happening are the same, it’s just the amounts that are changing.

Today, the topic of distressed houses (foreclosures, short sales, etc.) doesn’t dominate the public mindshare like it used to. Sure, there are still a good number of Louisville foreclosures but this number continues to drop.

Key on this stat from the chart below: During April 2013, the foreclosure rate was 2.03%. This year that number is much lower, at 1.49%, its lowest point in years.

Foreclosure activity in Louisville-Jefferson County was lower than the national foreclosure rate, which was 1.77 percent for April 2014.

Let’s hope we don’t see mortgage rules loosen too much. Compared to National rates, Louisville is performing much better as we see in this CoreLogic quote.

Location90+ Day Delinquency Rate April 201490+ Day Delinquency Rate April 2013Percentage Point Change in 90+ Day Delinquency RateForeclosure Rate April 2014Foreclosure Rate April 2013Percentage Point Change in Foreclosure Rate
Louisville-Jefferson County, KY4.32%5.11%-0.79%1.47%2.18%-0.71%

The delinquency rate is also declining so we can expect a further reduction of Louisville homes being foreclosed in the future.

The source of this data is CoreLogic, a national data analytics company.