Louisville Green Houses: Finding, Changing or Building

One of the largest trends in Louisville real estate is green houses. There is no denying that. We might not have the sheer number of green homes that you can find in other cities, but there is a very real push for Louisville green housing.

Building Green in Louisville
Not all Louisville home builders promote themselves as Green Builders but most are following the trend and have green features included in their homes.

Green is the wave of the future and it’s not going away anytime soon. In fact, every year the push for green, environmentally friendly homes gets stronger and certain Louisville builders are now touting their home’s energy-efficient features over what had been priorities in years past.

Choosing Between Green and Location

As a real estate investor, you’ll see that a lot of the greener houses are further from the center of the town. This brings up the question of location versus green. It is harder to find green homes in already established and wanted areas. Is location the winner here?

For years, “location” has been the primary factor for a house choice. In recent years, “condition” has taken over the top spot as home owner’s lifestyle has sped up to the point where there is little time for updating.

But while there will be some people who will be willing to alter their choice of location to green it up, the vast majority will be looking for a home in prime locations.

Finding Green in Prime Areas

More and more people are presenting the green features in their real estate listings. Whether this is a high-efficiency heat pump, super-insulated windows/doors, or even something as incredible as a Louisville geothermal system or Louisville solar panels.

This makes it much easier to narrow down your choices when you are looking for something green in a specific part of town. It’s merely a matter of finding the greener homes in the location you want and then viewing them.

Building Green in Louisville

You can find a Louisville green house as well by simply looking at the potential of a home. Whether this means making green updates to your current home or building an Energy Star Certified Louisville home.

Some home improvements are more expensive than others. If you fall in love with a home, look at its green potential before writing it off entirely. This gives you the freedom you need to find a green home in the right location.

Talk to your Realtor® about your desire to go green in Louisville. Let him know that it is a priority for you that some green features are in the home or can be easily set up. There are a lot of little things that can be done to make any home more environmentally friendly and your agent can tell you more.

A Louisville green house can be found in the right location if you know how to look for one.