Louisville Homes of the Rich and Famous: 2012 Edition

If you’re old enough to remember Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, then the name Robin Leach might mean something to you.

Map of $1m homes sold in Louisville in 2012
Here you can see where the Louisville lifestyles of the rich and famous congregate. Do you live near one?

He’s the poor chap whose job it was to travel around the world and witness first-hand the incredible homes of the uber-rich.

That kind of excess largely does not exist here in Louisville, Kentucky, as it appears that the oceans have a magnetic pull, drawing most of the middle-American billionaires to L.A. or New York.

But it doesn’t mean we don’t have some stunning homes right here in the River City. Let’s take a look at a few luxury homes in Louisville, shall we?

From the start of 2012 until today, there have been 13 properties sold for $1 million or more.

For some, this housing recession has been an opportunity to grab equity.

There’s great variety in this list. Simply looking at the age of the home, you’ll find a 3-year-old McMansion in Lake Forest ($1,000,000) to a 73-year-old estate house in Cherokee Garden ($1,050,000). New money meets old money.

The most interesting home on the list has to be this property located on, believe it or not, Devil’s Elbow Road in Corydon ($1,060,000). Sure, the home rests in the heart of tranquility on 55 quiet acres, but from the exterior, it appears to be a somewhat run-down barn with a very nice patio. Would you pay a million dollars for this?

Exterior photo of 6251 DEVILS ELBOW RD
The view from the driveway keeps the visitors guessing until they step inside…
Interior photo of 6251 DEVILS ELBOW RD
…and they are met with a completely updated and unique mountain home with all the bells and whistles.

Few homes are as memorable as this one.

The most impressive home in the group has to be this stately mansion in Mockingbird Valley ($1,780,000). Unfortunately, we are not treated to any additional photos but simply viewing the home’s setting and exterior, we know it must be magnificent.

Photo of 3740 Upper River Rd
Located in highly sought-after Mockingbird Gardens, this attractive home boasts 7,569 finished square feet on 5-plus acres just minutes from downtown Louisville.

From The Highlands to Lake Forest; and Glenview to Anchorage, Louisville has its high-end homes well-dispersed. And, isn’t it better that way?

For comparison, there were 15 homes sold last year for over $1m.

These ranged from an 11,000-square-foot bought-up bargain in the Estates of Hunting Creek ($1,000,000) to a new construction, an English masterpiece in Harrod’s Glen ($1,665,870), where $100,000 went to Kosair Charities with its sale.