Louisville Housing Market 7 Year Report, Period End April 2011

Another month of waiting is behind us. What have we learned? Not much… we’re still waiting.

Louisville Home Sales: 7 Year Monthly Chart for period ending April 2011
April’s performance fell just shy of the trend line putting more pressure on May to “break the plane.”

April 2011 for both Jefferson County and Oldham County fell below the 7-year trend line for home sales. Jefferson totaled 664 homes sold for the month, which trailed last year’s 782. Certainly, the record-breaking rain had something to do with it so we’ll see if those buyers who held off in April might be making their move in May.

Oldham came in with 61 properties sold just under the 67 of 2010. On the plus side, it was enough to beat both 2008 (54) and 2009 (45).

With Louisville unemployment on the downturn, more home buyers should be looking to make the move this Spring. If you’re thinking about selling your Louisville home, make sure to read the Top 10 Ways to Prepare Your Louisville Home For Sale.