Louisville Mortgages: Are They Really Debts?

A lot of people refer to debt and mortgage in the same breath when they discuss their Louisville house mortgage. This is kind of amusing when you think about it because a mortgage is a debt with a breath of investment in it. Can it really be referred to as a debt when it is a rock-solid investment opportunity as well?

Picture of a house made of money in a cute neighborhood
How do you look at your Louisville mortgages? Are they debts, investments, or both?

Listing Your Debts

When you are making a budget and you need to list all your debts, your Louisville mortgages get put down as part of the debts. When it is time to list your investments it may not be added. Why? Is it purely mindset that makes us think of a mortgage as a debt?

Now Your Assets

The glass is half full or half empty in this case. You can consider your mortgage as a heavy load to bear and have to struggle to make the payments every month or you can look at it as the best investment you’ll ever make and try to make extra payments to strengthen your investment.

There’s a famous quote by Andrew Carnegie that should inspire you. “90% of all millionaires become so through owning real estate.”

“I don’t want to go into debt” is one of the common phrases you may hear from people who are still renting. Yet, they are fine putting money into low-rate savings accounts that don’t have the same ROI as the housing industry. Real estate may take a few bumps and bruises along the way, but it always comes back if you wait out the storm.


The bottom line is that real estate is an investment. It’s not something that can be compared to a new dress put on a credit card. That dress is a debt because it will depreciate over time. Real estate is a tangible asset that generally appreciates over time and can potentially turn into big money down the road.

Is your Louisville house mortgage really a debt? It all depends on how you look at the glass—half full or half empty.