Why Choose Louisville New Construction? These Benefits for Home Buyers Will Show You the Way

Photo looking at floorplan of their new construction home being built in Louisville, KY.
Are you a designer? Hands-on on personality? New construction in Louisville could be exactly what you’re looking for.

I’ve written a data driven article about the current Louisville new construction landscape for InsiderLouisville. But today, I want to write about this topic from a personal perspective.

In this piece, I’m going to outline the benefits of new construction. Why, you ask? Because I love new construction!

My wife and I have built three homes and after the first few showings of existing homes, we knew we’d always be a new construction type of family.

I mean, I know it’s more expensive (sometimes WAY more expensive).

I know building sites are limited (sometimes so limited you’re much farther out than when first started).

But the pros of building a new construction home in Louisville far outweigh the cons on my book.

  1. No one has lived here before!
    If you’re a clean freak, a la, Sheldon Cooper, Adrian Monk or Jerry Seinfeld, this point takes the prize. Nothing to clean up, de-wallpaper, repaint, dig up, dust off or sanitize.

    This point is so huge, I considered giving it two points.

  2. You get to pick everything!
    From the layout to the materials, to the colors and everything in between. I mean, honestly, for control freaks like myself, what’s better than being able to pick your own door knobs and cabinet pulls?

    No item is too small. From the amount and type of insulation to the which light fixtures look best around the garage door you’ve selected, when a home buyer chooses new construction, it’s all up to you!

  3. Everything in your home is brand new!
    Don’t underplay this point. When you buy an existing home, the HVAC system could be a year old, 12 years old or 30 years old; you never know!

    New construction means that HVAC system is zero years old. The roof? Zero years old. The windows? You guessed it, zero years old.

    That’s pretty awesome, don’t you think?

  4. Save some tax money!
    It’s not always a large amount but sometimes it is! When your first property tax bill comes due, it may not reflect everything you purchased. It might be simply the price of the lot because the home hadn’t been completed yet.

    Only paying taxes on the lot, is a pretty big deal.

There are a few other items too, but I may save those for another time. Suffice it to say, that if you’re like me (and some of you are, whether you choose to admit it or not) then choosing to build your new construction home in Louisville, is a wonderful experience and a wise choice.