Louisville Property Sales for June 2016

We were on quite the tear. Pretty much, every month was besting the previous year, bringing the whole Louisville real estate market higher.

Louisville Home Sales Chart for Jefferson County 6 years through June 2016
Came up just shy of last year’s mark for Louisville home sales in June 2016.

What happened in June may be a sign that things are about to change.

Of course, any time you try to predict the future, odds are you’ll appear foolish. Perhaps it was just that June 2015 was just abnormally great. Looking back through my records to the year 2002, there wasn’t a month where 1,314 properties were sold so that is most likely the case.

So when we see 1,277 Louisville property sales for the month, normally we’d say, “Hey, that’s pretty great!” Only in comparison to our record year last June can it be considered sub-par.

Year-to-date, Jefferson County home sales are 324 units ahead in 2016 than the previous year. That’s the halfway mark, we’ll know more as we finish out the Summer selling season. Expect a July report by the end of the first week in August.