Louisville Public Schools, A Success Story

Even if you have never considered public education for your children in other parts of the country, you should look at what is offered in the Louisville public school system. It will really surprise you!

Photo of a school bus

Moving to a new home can be an ordeal for any family. The issues that you face while house hunting is compounded even more when it involves school-aged children. Relocating to Louisville may be one of the most difficult transitions because the school system is so complex. The good news is that Louisville offers some pretty amazing educational opportunities. The bad news is that you have to be very well informed in order to make the best choice.

I moved to Louisville when my children were in Kindergarten and first grade, respectively. I knew nothing and had no one to tell me what options were available to me. Fortunately, our Realtor guided me to a neighborhood where my home school was very good.

However, I had no idea that there were other possible choices. There are elementary schools with Montessori philosophy. There is the Brown School downtown that offers a very artistic and open style of education. (Children who select the Brown School can attend through High School.)

From first grade to graduation, Louisville offers schools that focus on many different areas, such as Performing and Visual Arts, Math, Science and Technology, Computers, or even Aerospace Engineering.

Whether your preference is for a school with uniforms and strong discipline or you prefer a school that’s “artsy” Louisville has something to offer every parent. It is vital that you learn about these different options before you decide on the area of town where you wish to live. It is also a good idea for you to choose a Realtor who knows and understands the importance of these crucial decisions.

After living here for a few years, I was able to place my two sons on a track that was right for us. We chose to send them to a Middle School that focused on Math, Science, and Technology (MST), which was also a feeder school to the magnet high school, Dupont Manual. This amazing, world-renowned high school offers five different programs including Performing Arts, Communications, High School University, Visual Arts, and MST. Manual produced 43 Merit Scholarship semifinalists and 23 finalists last year alone!

My son was one of those finalists and he starts his freshman year at Cornell University this fall. My other son graduates this spring and he is also looking at some very competitive Universities, as well.

Louisville has an incredible school system, but you have to know how to find the best fit for you. For people moving in from out of town, it’s a great help to have a Realtor who can help guide you from the beginning.