Louisville Real Estate as Investment

As we near year’s end, thoughts of planning fill many minds here in Louisville. How did we do this year? Will next year be better or worse? How should we change our financial plan?

Chris Otts had a piece in the CJ yesterday titled Time to rethink finances? He brings up the idea that gold isn’t the only way to hedge investments against the stock market.

Planners say clients have been asking about investing in gold because of fears about inflation, given the government’s unprecedented borrowing to intervene in financial markets.

“Gold is simply a fear investment at this point,” Gilliam said. “We caution our clients not to get too caught up.”

Jones, of PNC, said there are better inflation hedges than gold, such as Inflation-Protected Securities sold by the U.S. Treasury, real estate and corporate bonds — though gold could be part of a broad mix of investments.

I think the important point to note is that real estate can be a great investment but it can also be a terrible one. Having sound advice is key. The best thing you can do is find yourself a trusted Louisville Realtor, whether he be a residential or commercial specialist before you consider purchasing any piece of real estate.