Matching Countertop and Backsplash: Up Your Kitchen’s Style

Picking up complementary elements to your kitchen design is like dressing yourself up. There are various approaches to follow. Your final decision might make or break the total look of your kitchen. It’s especially true when balancing the elements of your kitchen. Matching countertops and backsplash will help your kitchen make a fantastic first impression. Consider the following three approaches to this important decision.

Photo of a kitchen with coordinated countertop and backsplash

For instance, you should consider which one you prioritize first – the backsplash or the kitchen countertop. What are the ways to coordinate colors? Is it alright to choose bold or conservative patterns? What materials should you choose?

This task can be challenging if you don’t know the basics. So, for a little help, here’s a guide that you should consider when balancing the styles of your kitchen countertop and backsplash.

Approach 1: Choosing the Countertop First

Indeed, it can be overwhelming if you consider both the backsplash and kitchen countertop together. If you feel this way, it’s advisable that you focus first on the countertop. The kitchen countertop is the one that will take a significant part of your budget so it will do you good to get it right in the first place.

Another thing is that the installation of the countertop comes first before the backsplash, so it’s an excellent choice if you prioritize the countertop first.

You can find several options for kitchen countertop materials nowadays. It depends on you to choose what’s best to get the look that you want for your kitchen. It doesn’t mean that you need to exactly match the styles and patterns of the countertop with the backsplash. But you can if you like… see approach three below.

Picking up neutral and simple hues for the backsplash is perfectly acceptable if you want to accentuate the existence of your kitchen countertop.

Approach 2: Considering the Sheet Backsplash First

What are sheet backsplashes? Well, sheet backsplashes are materials installed behind a kitchen counter to resist moisture, heat, and splatter. It also provides aesthetics to the overall look of your kitchen area.

Photo of custom tile
There’s a huge number of custom tiles that can be used for floors, walls, or your kitchen backsplash.

If you happen to come upon a backsplash that you think would perfectly suit your kitchen design before even finding a countertop, it’s not wrong to go for it. Choosing this approach will help you lessen your options for the countertop.

Many people go for an attention-grabbing backsplash. Then the countertop plays a complementary role. For instance, if you want to go for a backsplash that’s bold, you can choose a neutral countertop material that doesn’t compete with the backslash.

It doesn’t mean that going for a mix of patterns and colors for both the backsplash and kitchen countertop is a no-no. However, if you want to highlight different patterns and colors, you should make sure to choose a dominant palette for both materials. In this way, you can provide harmony and cohesiveness from the jumble of patterns and colors.

Approach 3: Select Similar Material for Both

Do you love your choice of kitchen countertop material and want to incorporate the same style into the backsplash? Then, go for it. It’s a practical choice to select the same material for the countertop and backsplash because you can save a significant amount of money from it.

It’s also great if you utilize the same kitchen countertop material for the backsplash but break it up by choosing a tile format instead of a slab. Another budget-friendly option is to extend the countertop 5 to 7 inches up the wall to provide a short backsplash.

It will not just provide an excellent finished edge in the wall, but it will also serve as protection for that area where it’s susceptible to dirt and wetness. It’s advisable to call an expert to help you realize this plan.

Approach 4: Get the Services of an Expert

Some people find it hard to visualize how to make their kitchen stylish and functional. So, even selecting the materials, they find as a challenge. In this case, you can hire an expert to help you plan the design of your kitchen area.


It’s a must that you consider balancing the styles of your kitchen when matching the countertop and backsplash. Doing it won’t only make your kitchen aesthetically appealing, but also functional. For this purpose, you can follow the different approaches mentioned above to help you with this particular task.