Maximizing Your Home HVAC, Tips From a Pro

I had a chance to sit down and chat with Rob Benefiel, owner of Certified Comfort to learn more about his company and gain some insight into the best ways to make sure that your Louisville home is cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter.

Residential AC Unit in Louisville KY
Do you know what it takes to keep your home’s HVAC in top running condition?

Having the proper temperature inside your home is generally more important than the size of the house size or other home features but people often take this for granted. When I asked Rob what the most important thing homeowners needed to know about HVAC, he replied, “Have an annual maintenance agreement with a company that is through with their tune-up. Proper ongoing maintenance is key.”

His company, Certified Comfort Heating & Cooling, as part of their maintenance agreement, has a 10-point checklist for the heating systems and a 10-point checklist for the cooling system. The first visit is $150, with each following visit just $125.

Which HVAC Brands Are the Best?

I tried to learn which hardware brands were the best, in terms of quality, but Rob shared that all of the top five or six major brands are quite similar and it’s really the role of the service tech and their attention to detail that plays the larger role in long hardware life.

“If homeowners don’t pay for routine maintenance they’ll likely have a breakdown or major failure at an inconvenient time. These repair costs run about $100-$300 for a small repair, $400-$700 for a medium-sized repair up to $800-$1,500 for a major repair,” said Rob.

High Efficiency Is Where It’s At

When I asked Rob about innovation or new trends in the field, he answered, “There’s an ongoing push towards higher efficiency systems. In the next couple of years, the minimum will require a 14 SEER system, which will be an increase in the lowest tier of pricing.”

I also wanted to Rob to explain exactly what a heat pump was and what made it better. Rob replied, “A heat pump is heating and cooling in one box, that lives outside and looks like an AC unit. Only when temperatures drop very low does it turn off and let the interior furnace turn on. Savings can be up to 30% over standard systems.”


Every home is different. Louisville HVAC services will depend on the characteristics of your Louisville home. Rob believes it’s his job to come out and see your home before prescribing the best solution for your home and pocketbook. Rob’s clients that I’ve heard speak highly of his service and quality of work so I can recommend him wholeheartedly.