How Do We Measure the Top Agents in Louisville?

Interesting question, “How do we measure the top agents in Louisville?” My conclusion may surprise you.

Photo of a woman pumping her fist in success
When your real estate client feels like this, that’s when you’re one of the top agents in Louisville.

The Old Way to Measure Top Louisville Agents

Without a doubt, we would start with what most people are likely thinking

“The top real estate agents in Louisville are those that make the most money.”


“The top Louisville agents sell the most houses.”

And to a certain degree, these people are correct. That is an easy, non-subjective way to put Louisville Realtors into different buckets.

Ask me this question 7 years ago and I would have responded the same way. Today? Nah.

For some perspective, let me tell you a quick story.

I have a client, let’s call him Stuart. Now, Stuart was a client of mine in the past. But this call was for his Mom who didn’t have much money but needed a small, safe home in a part of Louisville that I don’t typically service.

Would I refer Stuart’s Mom to another agent? There wouldn’t be a lot of money in this deal for me.

But I could see the need and wanted to “be there” for Stuart and his family.

Would a top Louisville agent take this client? I think they would. At least… by the definition, I now subscribe to.

The New Way to Measure Top Louisville Agents

It’s not about money, it’s about service. Take the heart of a servant and strive to make sure your client gets what they want, with the least cost and best possible experience.

I’m not batting .1000 but that’s my goal and it’s getting closer every day.

Do you rave about your Louisville Realtor’s service?