New Trends for Residential Home Design in 2018

The world of architecture does not exist in isolation. Trends in the modern world affect it in one way or another. Curved edges, natural materials, and minimalism are among the new trends for residential home design that are expected to take precedence this year.

Photo of energy-efficient homes

These changes are inspired by social, cultural, and environmental changes. They will influence the range of materials, colors, shapes, and sizes seen on the market, giving way to even newer trends in the coming years. Here are some of the latest developments in home construction design that you can expect to see soon.

Energy-efficient Home Designs

Custom home builders have been incorporating ecological and energy-efficient designs for some time now. It’s really hit the forefront. During the past decade, energy efficiency has been a priority in residential architecture.

Homes with an ecological footprint help save money but are also more fashionable and trendier. If you invest a bit more in higher quality materials and design and you will receive a better result that’s also more energy-efficient.

Prep Kitchens

Prep kitchens are the latest newsmaker. Take a space off the central kitchen and set it aside for all the preparatory work that goes into having a meal ready. It is a perfect design for open-plan living spaces!

The prep kitchen allows you to keep rubbish bins and other kitchen appliances out of sight. It’s a brilliant concept and currently one of the hottest new trends for residential home design.

Alfresco Room Designs

Photo of open floorplan with folding doors

This refers to a neo-modernist interpretation of space that allows for the seamless integration of outdoor and indoor areas. It is a type of architectural design that effortlessly transforms outdoor spaces into indoor facilities, and vice versa, depending on the requirements.

Irregular weather patterns no longer need to get in the way of outdoor entertainment. Utilize this design concept with features like modern, folding doors which lead onto decking and patios.

Custom Homes with Connectivity

Builders in can now consider having more connectivity within the home. The advancements of technology and the Internet of Things make it possible to have smart devices that control the home, meaning home builders need to start making provisions for this capability.

This allows for more comfort and convenience in your home. Builders are now using smart technologies such as:

  • smart heating systems
  • voice-controlled lighting
  • minimalist security systems

Whether your aim is to bring nature closer to the home, create zoned spaces for relaxing and working, or bring back simplistic designs with a post-modernist feel, these are some of the new architectural trends that residential home builders need to consider.