Preventing Theft During an Open House

Open houses are an effective way to show off your home and increase the chances of making the sale. If your belongings are still in the home you could be at risk for theft during the open houses. When there are a large number of individuals going through your home, often at one time, it can be difficult for your realtor to keep track of everyone at all times. These tips can help you keep your belongings safe during these open houses.

Photo of a home with lots of trees and bushes around it.
Some homes need more security than others. A Louisville home like this one has lots of trees which add to its privacy but also makes it easier for dishonest people to take advantage.

Secure Valuables and Medications

Keeping your valuables out is risky, even if you have them stored safely in your jewelry box, a few moments alone in the bedroom is enough for someone to take at least a few pieces of your treasured jewelry. Instead, store it in a lockable safe and take the key with you. You should also store your medications in a locked box as well.

Remove Identifying Documents

Some scammers will go to open houses to stake out what individuals have so they can familiarize themselves and break into your home later. This is why it is important to protect your identity as much as possible. This means putting away your mail in a safe place so no one can see your name or find out other personal information from documents you received in the mail, such as where you bank. It can also be helpful to remove any pictures of your family. This is also a good time to make sure you have a home security system in place. You don’t want sticky-fingered thieves returning to a non-secured house.

Avoid Leaving Extra Keys

Your realtor has access to your home for showings. There’s no need to provide him or her with a spare key left on the counter or another open place. If an individual sees your key lying around, he or she may take it with them and gain entrance to your home when you are not there, taking items that belong to you. If your realtor needs a spare key, make sure you give it to him or her directly and get it back at the end of the showing.

Check All Doors and Windows

If someone attends your open house to find out what you have, they may leave an inconspicuous door or window unlocked so they can easily return later. This is why it is important to go through your home immediately after the open house and make sure that all the doors and windows are locked and secure. You can use this time to take a quick inventory to identify whether anything is missing. Talk to your realtor if you have any concerns.

Some realtors are able to increase security in an open house to keep your belongings as safe as possible. Even if your realtor can’t offer this service, though, there are things you can do to better protect yourself. Taking the right precautions will ensure that your belongings will be safe while you wait for your home to sell. Keeping valuables hidden and locked away, removing identifying information, checking doors and windows, and not leaving extra keys lying around are all ways to protect yourself, even during an open house.