Professional Help Makes Difference Selling Vacant Louisville Homes

Sometimes there is no way to avoid selling vacant Louisville homes. If you have had a sudden job transfer or need to leave the area quickly for one reason or another, your house may have to be vacant while you are trying to sell it.

Photo of a vacant room
Selling a home that is vacant is always more challenging as many buyers have a difficult time imagining a room’s purpose.

This will leave you at a disadvantage in the market, because vacant houses usually sell 30%-50% slower and for less money, than a house that is occupied.

Why Occupied Homes Sell Faster

  1. When a house has furniture in it the buyer can imagine what the house would look like if he exchanged his table for what is currently there. It is easier to visualize living in a home with your family if you can see how it is being presented with another family’s furniture. The furniture shows the purpose of every room.
  2. A vacant home shows all the imperfections. They will stand out like a sore thumb because there is nothing to move the eye away from them. A house that is in need of a lot of repairs will show its obvious faults to the buyers. On top of not being able to visualize the home entirely due to lack of furniture, the spots show up and the house takes longer to sell.
  3. There is also a psychological phenomenon that sometimes occurs when a person sees an empty home and will think that since no one is living in it, no one must like this house. It may seem strange but it’s true.

Lower Price

You can also expect to receive a lower price on an unoccupied home compared to one that is lived in. You may lose as much as 5%-6% of the selling price!

Selling a vacant home in Louisville is something to avoid, whenever possible.

Staging the Home

One thing you should seriously consider is staging your Louisville home. Professional home stagers can arrange furniture in your vacant house to make it appear occupied.

Even a small amount of furniture encourages a faster sale. Speak with your trusted Louisville Realtor who can help you find an expert staging company.

Selling a vacant home in Louisville may be unavoidable but there are ways to make the best of a bad situation. Get professional advice and move forward. The amount you spend on staging is generally far less than the amount you would lose selling your home at a lower price.