Quick Updates with Bathroom and Kitchen Fixtures Make Big Impact

If you’re thinking about a quick and inexpensive way to update your home, consider kitchen and bath fixtures. Whether you’re selling or remodeling, take a look at your cabinetry hardware. Is it worn or outdated? Consider new satin or polished nickel or oil-rubbed bronze finishes. Simple, sleek contemporary or trans-modern styles are popular at Willis Klein Showrooms in St. Matthews, says Director of Marketing Rebecca Johnson.

Photo of a couple of new faucet styles
Looking for some pizazz? Bright and shiny new faucets might just be what you’re looking for in your Louisville kitchen or bath.

Kitchen Designer Teri Nall seconds the nomination for oil-rubbed bronze fixtures and notes that chrome is still popular too. For faucets, she advises looking for versatile features such as high necks for tall cooking pots, as well as faucet/hose combinations. Nall also recommends using brand name products when possible, as the major vendors back their products and tend to run better longer.

Linda Greenebaum of Home Depot also mentioned brushed nickel as a popular choice, in practical pull-down and high-neck faucets for kitchens. For bathroom sinks, two-handled and high-arc spouts are trends as well.

Johnson adds that in addition to chrome and brush nickel finishes, black is a color that’s gaining popularity. For ease of use, choose pull-out or industrial styles. The clean-lined look has the added benefit of requiring only one hole in countertops.

For baths, high arc spouts are mentioned again. Also, look for updated styles such as lab vessels and mini-wide fixtures with no bar.

Whatever finish or model you choose, it’s easy to update your Louisville home’s style and make your kitchen or bath more functional at the same time.