Real Estate Expert Tre Pryor Interviewed by NBC News Regarding COVID and Louisville Home Sales

I believe this is my fourth interview with local news sources. I’m happy that they consider real estate expert Tre Pryor a source for their stories. Always happy to share my knowledge of the local real estate market, I said “Yes” to be interviewed by David Mattingly anchor of Wave3 news.

Photo of Tre Pryor on Wave3 news
Real estate expert Tre Pryor interview with David Mattingly of Wave3 news.

The topic of this interview was COVID and its effect upon the local real estate market, specifically in the Downtown areas where most of the protesting has taken place. The title of the piece of Louisville home sales remain surprisingly strong in spite of COVID and protests and I invite you to check it out.

The guts of the piece center around whether the market has experienced any downturn from the protesting and violence that’s occurred since the Breonna Taylor indictments were announced.

As it always the case, I had hoped a different quote might be used or that I looked better on camera (ahh vanity) but I’m still happy to be a part of the process.

If you have any questions about Louisville real estate, I’m happy to answer them. It’s been my pleasure to serve clients here in Louisville for almost 15 years now. I’d love to help you too, so please contact me.


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Tre Pryor, Realtor

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