Renting in Louisville versus Buying in Louisville

Trying to decide between renting a place to live or buying a Louisville home will always be an important decision. It may also be a complicated one. Especially if you don’t have enough information. Here on my blog, you have a wealth of quality information combined with expert analysis to help you make great real estate decisions. Today we’re looking at what renting in Louisville looks like in 2019.

Photo of an apartment building

Companies like RENTCafé collect a great deal of useful data for most real estate markets in America. This includes Louisville, Kentucky! That’s why I subscribe to their mailing and share these findings with you.

Rent Is Expensive in Many Louisville ZIP Codes

Today I received the most up-to-date numbers for the most expensive ZIP codes to rent a home. I have to admit that these numbers are a bit daunting. For the state of Kentucky, here are the current most expensive ZIPs.

Chart of the expensive ZIP Codes for renters in Kentucky
Ay caramba! Those are some steep numbers. Eight out of ten of the most expensive ZIP codes in Kentucky are in Louisville.

If you live in any of these ZIP codes, I bet you feel the burn. Don’t forget to check out the yearly rent increases too! If you’re relocating to Louisville, the smart move will be to evaluate your options several months before making the money.

It will often be the case that buying a home will actually benefit you in three ways.

  1. Save money each month
  2. Provide a nicer place to live
  3. Reduce the amount of taxes you pay

Don’t forget increased privacy and greater outdoor spaces. The downsides to buying a home are the reduced freedom to move quickly and an increase in your responsibility to maintain the property.

A great deal depends on which home you purchase. Where is it located? What are its features? Is it older or newer? What kind of deal you can make?

If you’d like me to help you evaluate your personal situation, please let me know. In closing, here are a couple of additional resources you will find helpful.