How Safe Is Louisville Kentucky?

Do you want to live somewhere safe? Maybe it’s time to move to Michigan?

Hazard Risk Score Map
As you can see from this map, great risks occur on the coastlines and near larger water sources.

All joking aside (who’d want to live in Michigan?) it’s interesting to look through the new report published by CoreLogic that looks at property loss data through natural disasters.

First on our minds would be, “How Safe Is Louisville Kentucky?” Out of the 49 states listed in the report, Kentucky ranked 30th with a Hazard Risk score of 47.34. Indiana was slightly more risky with a 50.74 and Tennessee was slightly safer with a 46.48.

Data like this is used to build homeowners insurance rates, along with a slew of information, such as crime and replacement cost values.

I did find it odd that Alaska and Hawaii were not included, due to “limited natural hazard risk data.” I would expect both to be a much higher risk than average.

The top 10 states most at risk for natural disasters are as follows.

1    Florida          94.51
2    Rhode Island     79.67
3    Louisiana        79.23
4    California       75.56
5    Massachusetts    72.12
6    Kansas           69.51
7    Connecticut      69.04
8    Oklahoma         66.82
9    South Carolina   66.38
10   Delaware         65.38

So it appears that according to this report, Louisville is fairly safe. That should make us all sleep better at night.

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