Save Money on Your Heating Bill This Winter

Louisville, Kentucky generally has mild winters but that doesn’t mean we should not take advantage of every opportunity to save money on our heating bills. You never know when we’ll have another massive snowstorm like we had this past year.

Photo of Winter in Kentucky
This is what Winter in Kentucky looks like. Are you prepared?

David, over at My Two Dollars, has a great post that gives us 10 tips to save money this winter. I’ve posted his first five below and you can also read the entire article on this site.

1. Install a programmable thermostat. You don’t need to heat your house to 70 degrees if no one is home all day, so set it to heat up the house right before you get home from work. That way you are not running your heater at full blast all afternoon, but rather just keeping the house from freezing over!

2. Install your storm windows and doors. If you have had your screens up all summer and you have glass inserts for the winter, now might be a good time to start putting them in. I hated doing this at my house when I was a kid, so if you spread it out over a few weekends it won’t seem as bad.

3. Open the blinds and drapes during the day and close them at night. During the day, the sun will come in and help warm up your house, and at night you should close them so the heat stays indoors.

4. Have your furnace serviced. Now is the time to make the appointment, before winter comes and everyone else wants theirs done. A serviced and cleaned furnace runs more efficiently, saving you money as you heat your house.

5. Insulate any heating ducts exposed to colder weather. Do you have any exposed heating ducts running through your garage or attic? You might want to think about wrapping them in insulation to prevent the heat from escaping or cooling down as it is working its way around your home.