Shirley’s Way Helps Louisville People Affected by Cancer

Sadly, cancer touches each of our lives. With health care costs rising so much in the past decade, we are faced with bills that far outreach our ability to pay.

Photo of Shirley's Way event
Each of us can do a little bit to help those around us. Shirley’s Way exists to help those affected by cancer here in Louisville.

These are the times when we need help.

Shirley’s Way is a local, 501c3 organization that does just that. From their website:

Shirley's Way logo

Mike Mulrooney, son of Shirley Mulrooney, began Shirley’s Way after her death, in 2013, to give back to those fighting the fight against cancer. When his mom died, Mike promised her that he would do something different in the world and keep her memory alive. So he started Shirley’s Way by printing “Cancer Sucks” t-shirts and selling them online. He took the money he raised selling t-shirts and applied for 501c3 status for Shirley’s Way. His life mission has turned into “People Helping People” and he believes that folks should always offer a helping hand to someone in need, because it is the right and moral thing to do.

This is one of those things that if we all pitched in just a little bit, our combined efforts can do a great amount of good!

Please head over to Shirley’s Way and click the Donate button or participate in one of their upcoming events. You will be helping people right here in Louisville.