Study Says Louisville #5 in Top Cities for Job Growth

I’m never shy in openly cheering for my hometown. Louisville is a great place! I don’t care who hears it.

Downtown Louisville Kentucky
This new study says that Louisville is a top U.S. city for job growth, which always helps the local real estate market.

With that in mind, I’m always looking for national pieces that highlight a local strength.

Today I found a study by CreditDonkey (I’m guessing the marketing folks had a 12-character maximum dot com domain requirement and couldn’t locate something better) on top cities for job growth. In this article, they named Louisville a Top 5 Best Cities for Job Growth.

Not directly real estate related but as I pointed out in this piece, I believe jobs have a greater impact on real estate than other factors.

Here’s the portion that talks about Louisville, Kentucky:

  • Change in Employment: 0.4%
  • Change in Unemployment: -1.1 percentage points
  • Gallup Job Creation Index: 26.9

This urban area, which also encompasses Jefferson County in Indiana, has one of the lowest cost of living levels on the list, making it even more attractive to potential residents than its job creation numbers would suggest. It scores an impressive 26.9 on the Gallup Job Creation Index, with 39.9 percent of employers hiring and just 13 percent laying people off. The city is still struggling with unemployment – at 8.4 percent – but the numbers are moving in the right direction. Unemployment is down 1.1 percentage points compared to last year, and it has added jobs as well, with a 0.4 increase in employment.

As cited, unemployment is still an issue but it appears that’s all about to change.