Successfully Negotiating a Louisville Home Sale

Some people believe that all it takes to get a super deal on a Louisville home sale is to run into a desperate seller who will take a low-ball price. This rarely happens.

Photo of a Louisville family home
When thinking about negotiating a Louisville home sale, this happy family likely followed the tips outlined below.

A home sale involves two parties that are each looking out for their own best interests and negotiating for the best deal.

Part of successfully negotiating your Louisville home sale involves constraining yourself when you are talking to the buyer. Never let them know how desperately you want the house or display any other emotions that show signs of desperation.

Do not exhibit any signs of weakness while negotiations are going on. You want to look like a buyer that has a serious interest in the home and that is all that should be presented. This is the best way to establish a trust factor with the seller.

A successful negotiation for a Louisville home sale also depends on tact, grace, and tone. Putting these in place sets up a positive atmosphere for negotiations right at the beginning.


If you are thinking about pointing out all the faults in the home in order to secure a better deal, it can come across as an insult. This does not lead to good negotiations and tact must be used if a fault needs to be pointed out as a bargaining chip.


Grace involves letting the homeowner know what a beautiful home they have and what a wonderful job they have done decorating it. Let the seller know what you admire without going overboard and appearing to drool over the house.


The overall tone should be professional. For example, if one party is electronically inclined and the other isn’t, sending e-mails back and forth to schedule viewings isn’t going to work. The old-fashioned phone and meet in person techniques still work well and in some cases will work the best in securing a good deal.

In most cases, both of the parties involved with a Louisville home sale are well-informed individuals that have hired the best real estate agents they can to negotiate the best deal possible.

These are some of the negotiation practices that need to be put into place in order to see successful results.