10 Ways to Prepare for Children after Military Service

Leaving the military can be the ideal time to start a family. You should prepare adequately to ensure you and your partner are ready for the responsibility of a child. There is a myriad of things to consider after military service so we’re hoping our list will get you moving in the right direction from the start!

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Buy a property before you start trying for a baby. Ensure that the home is set up and has enough room for a growing family. Here are some of the best ways to prepare for having a baby after leaving military service.  


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Renting vs. Buying Your First Home: Pros and Cons

For many Americans, there are at least three things they want to do during their lifetime: go to college, buy their own home, and travel the world. But is it actually better to buy your own home than it is to rent? Given that for decades owning a home has been promoted as the single most important investment anyone can make, this might sound like a strange question to you. In this piece, we’ll cover renting vs. buying to help you decide.

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First-time Homebuyers Beware of These 5 Things

You are about to purchase your dream house. You have worked hard to save up the money to make it happen! This often requires a great deal of sacrifice. Before first-time homebuyers sign on the dotted line, you should read this article to know about the five biggest dangers that exist for all homeowners. Be informed!

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First time homebuyers have many questions. Make sure you get all your questions answered before buying your first Louisville home.

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