Almost 30% Gains in Louisville Home Values in Past Decade

A friend of mine shared this story about how California home prices are hitting their highest point recently. As I was reading, I thought, “Yeah, so have we here in Louisville.” Immediately, my next thought was, “I wonder how Louisville Home Values match up?”

Photo of homes in Indian Springs, Louisville Home Values
Louisville home values have changed a great deal in the past decade but maybe not the way you might have imagined. | Photo: Tre Pryor

Well… that’s the easy part.

First, I grabbed the chart from the California story.

California home prices chart
As you can see, this chart goes back to 2007, a few years before the housing crisis.

Louisville Home Values: 2007-2017

Then, I went to collect all the same data for Louisville, Kentucky. Going a step further, I wanted to see both Average Home Sale Prices, as well as, Median Home Prices. Why not, right?


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Louisville Home Values Changes for 2011, Winners and Losers

Updated: 2/3/2012. Thanks to Chris Cox who found a calculation error.

Many held high hopes for an improving real estate market heading into 2011. Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration but there were some signs that the housing recession was lessening and perhaps we would all see improvement in 2011. In most locations, that didn’t occur. But it did in some!

Map of Louisville with real estate price changes for 2011
This map gives us a better picture of how the real estate market was behaving by area. Outlying areas performed well in 2011 while much of the county was down.

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