Tre Pryor

Tre Pryor Interview: Interest Rate Hikes’ Effect on Real Estate

Once again my friend and past client, David Mattingly, asked me to be interviewed on WAVE3 news. Today’s topic was interest rate hikes’ effect on real estate, specifically our Louisville market. It’s not surprising that recent interest rate increases by the Fed are needed. After all, it’s one of the only ways to combat our […]

WAVE3 News Interviews Tre Pryor Regarding Low Housing Inventory in Louisville

I’ve been fortunate enough to be asked to appear on Wave3 news five times now. As a local expert, it’s been my pleasure to share what I’ve learned. This most recent interview appeared on March 17th and covered the current low levels of housing inventory in Louisville, Kentucky. The title of the piece: Looking for […]

Louisville Homes Blog Founder, Tre Pryor Interviewed by MSN for Real Estate Article

I work very hard to bring the home buyers and sellers of Louisville unbiased and useful information here at At the same time, I make a concerted effort to not promote myself on this site like so many real estate agents. Today’s post is the exception to that rule. Recently, I received a phone […]

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