The Tried And True Method For Louisville Real Estate Investing

When times are tough or when times are good there is one method of Louisville real estate investing that will continue to work year after year. If you have not yet started a real estate portfolio, learn about this method first.

Photo of a Louisville investment property
Real estate investing in Louisville is not much different than other cities, expertise is the key ingredient.

It really is the way that works time and time again to ensure that money flows into your pockets on a continual basis.

Louisville Real Estate Investing: Wrong Way

A big mistake that new investors make is to put all of their cards into a building assuming that the property value will rise.

In many cases, the value will go up, but there are cases where it won’t and that can cause a major problem for investors that haven’t factored it into the overall investment equation.

Louisville Real Estate Investing: Right Way

By employing a method to make sure that you are always making more money than what you are paying out, you are sure to get ahead. This is a long-term strategy that involves putting all of your investment money into positive cash flow opportunities.

You need to work out a system to ensure that the building you are buying always pays out more than what you are paying for the upkeep and the mortgage. The rental money needs to cover the money that you are paying out.

This means that factors such as vacancy rates and repairs and maintenance need to be calculated before purchasing a property.

Once you have purchased a few positive cash flow properties it is easier to acquire more. You’ll have a system in place and will be establishing a trust factor as a successful real estate investor.

After enough properties have been accumulated, you may see the property value go up on some and down on others, but you will be continually making money and building up a huge portfolio.

This is how successful real estate investors have played the game. Numbers need to be crunched and then they need to be crunched again.

Once it is determined that a positive cash flow will come out of the property, it is time to go ahead and make the purchase. No matter how small or how big you start out, it is always the same basic math that establishes successful Louisville real estate investing.


If you have any questions about Louisville real estate investing talk to a real estate agent that has experience in investment properties. The agent can go into more details about determining cash flow and the other factors involved in picking out the right investment opportunities.