Top 12 Things Realtors Hate About Home Buyers

Ok people, let’s get real. I write a lot for Insider Louisville, as well as, my own website,  Louisville Homes Blog, but those are more manicured civil locales. On this site? Here’s where things get down to the nitty-gritty, as my Grandma used to say. In this blog, I’ll go behind the curtain to show you what’s really happening in the crazy world of real estate. Today, we’re going to cover all those things realtors hate about home buyers.

Photo of a woman on her cellphone saying 'Are you kidding me?!?'
There are definitely some phone calls that Realtors do not want to receive.

No holds barred. No rules, just right. With that in mind, let’s jump right in!

Most agents won’t be so open as to share these with you but I feel like you deserve to know the truth. After all, buying a home is a very large decision. I want to know where you are coming from and you should know the same. Let’s make sure we’re on the same page and the entire experience will go much smoother.

Homebuyers generally know what to expect from their Realtor. But do they know what the Realtor is looking for in return? This list will help shed some light on the subject.

Full disclosure, 95% of my clients are great, and don’t check a single box on this list. But everyone once in a while will come out of nowhere and blindside you.

So, if you’re a Realtor reading this piece and these haven’t happened to you, then you’re either brand new (adorable) or walking around with your eyes closed. Let’s open them, people!

Let’s dig into the top 12 things Realtors hate about home buyers.

1. Buyers Who Are Indifferent About Helping in the Home Search

These are the buyers who give only brief and generic responses to the question, “So what kind of home are you looking for?” I’ll hear, “I want a great house” or “Just a house that I’d like to live in.” How does that help anyone? Snap out of it, I’m trying to help you over here. Give me something to work with here, buddy. Often times they won’t return phone calls or emails and that’s when you really know you’re in trouble.

2. Buyers Who Work with Multiple Agents in Secret

Most people are good. But some are flat-out dishonest. When you find out that the client you’ve been working with for 3 months is out looking with another agent… well, that’s the day when you decide that a Buyer Agent Agreement will now be mandatory going forward.

3. Buyers Who Expect to Find a Truly Perfect Home

Photo of perfect living room with the caption, "Perfect or Bust!"
As a culture, we might be overly obsessed with perfection. In real life, there’s no such thing.

There is no perfect home. Let me say it again, “THERE IS NO PERFECT HOME!” Ok, I feel better now. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been chatting with clients who relate, “If only we could take the first floor on Glen Meadow and the upstairs of Old Gate and put it all on the lot out in Oldham County, then it would be perfect.” Yeah, of course, it would but that’s not possible! Ok, ok… I’m sorry, I’m done now. *wink*

4. Buyers Who Want to See Homes Out of Their Price Range “Just for Fun”

Sure, it might be fun for the buyer. But is it fun for the homeowners who rushed around to clean things up and make sure the home is spotless? Is it fun for the Realtor who is going to miss his third family dinner this week in order to show you a home that you really can’t afford? I think we all know the answers to those rhetorical questions.

5. Buyers Who Call the Listing Agent Rather Than You

Some folks may simply not understand how things work. Others may think they are being “nice” to their Realtor by calling the Listing Agent with questions. But the bottom line is that this isn’t something Realtors like. It’s our job to serve our clients throughout the entire process and if that means making a few phones to find out which homes have first-floor masters, then that’s part of the gig. One of the things realtors hate about home buyers is them not letting you do your own job.

6. Buyers Who Believe That the Sellers Should Make Their Home Perfect Before Anyone Buys It

Used homes are used. They need renovating. Things age, floors creak, and doors squeak. The gleam on that new, stainless steel refrigerator fades. That’s how things work. It’s simply unrealistic for buyers to expect perfection from any property. Also don’t forget, what’s bad to one person might be charming to another. People have different tastes and the odds are yours and the home sellers are not 100% equivalent.

7. Buyers Who Always Give Low-ball Offers

The fiduciary responsibility of the agent is to help their clients get the best possible price on the property they most desire. As most Realtors know, low-ball offers rarely work out well for the buyer. Trust your agent to help determine market value and go from there. A number of factors will indicate where a great starting point for negotiations will be and how low-ball offers will only hurt a positive outcome.

8. Buyers Who Aren’t Serious About Getting Loan Approval

According to RealtyTrac, “All-cash buyers accounted for 22.9 percent of all single-family home and condo sales in June.” That number has been decreasing nationally since 2010. That means the vast majority of home buyers need a loan to purchase. Some buyers wait to get pre-approved. Dumb. Some buyers drag their feet with their financing paperwork and delay their own closing. Stupid. Let’s grow up people. This isn’t rocket science.

9. Buyers Who Go New Construction Without Their Realtor

This might be the fault of the agent who didn’t properly educate their clients but home buyers always benefit from having professional representation on their side no matter what any builder might say. If a builder promises you a discount if you don’t have a Realtor, exactly how do you know that the price you’re getting is actually discounted? I’ll let you think about that for a bit.

10. Buyers Who Can’t Make Up Their Minds

Photo of a couple looking at a model house with the caption, "What exactly are we looking for?"
Some clients know exactly what they want. Nice! Others seem to have no clue. Not as nice.

I can hear your agents nodding. You understand this, right? Any parent surely does. In any occupation, if the one serving feels like their time is being wasted, it’s not a good thing. Because we’re talking about a very important decision, a certain amount of time to weigh the pros and cons is certainly reasonable. But there is a time down the road when the buyer needs to fish or cut bait.

11. Buyers Who Ask for Home Upgrades in Repair Request

The repair request process is negotiation, no one is denying that. But it’s not the Seller’s job to improve their home in order to sell it. If something is broken it can be fixed. If something is dangerous, then, by all means, let’s correct it! But just because you don’t like the stained carpet in the family room doesn’t mean there’s any justification for the Seller to replace it.

12. Buyers Who Ditch Their Realtor to Buy at an Open House

Et tu, Brute? These may be the worst. You thought you built a great rapport with your client. You gave them top-notch service. Only… one day they stop returning calls or even emails. You finally catch them on the phone to find out what’s going on and they blubber, “I don’t know what happened, we just went to an Open House, and next thing we know we bought it.” *silence* Well, I think it’s safe to say that’s something all Realtors hate about home buyers.

Buyers Who Aren’t Considerate of Others

I think all 12 of these could fall under the category of being inconsiderate or worse. No one wants to give their very best in time and energy to someone who’s a jerk. Let’s be better than that people!

So, the next time someone is serving you, stop and remember this crazy article you read online, and go out of your way to communicate your appreciation for their work.

You’ll most certainly make their day and you know what else? You’ll also get that nice, warm feeling deep inside that shows you did the right thing.

Speaking of doing the right thing, agents, if you enjoyed this piece please share it! I really appreciate it!