Top 5 Ways to Expand Living Spaces 

Everyone should love their own home. The fact they are all different is a key part of this. After all, your home should express your individuality. However, no matter how much you love your home, there will be times when it just feels too small. So how do we expand living spaces in the 21st century?

Photo of an open concept family room and kitchen

While the kitchen is still seen as the heart of the home, there is no doubt that the living area remains the place to relax and unwind. As such, expanding the living space makes sense. 

1. Patio Doors

If your living space sits next to your yard then you’ll want to create easy access. That means adding patio doors to the living area. It’s best to opt for glass doors as this will allow extra light to stream into your home, instantly making it feel brighter and lighter. 

In the summer the patio doors can be opened and, by creating an outside entertaining area, you’ll massively increase the size of your living area. It literally brings the outside inside.

It is worth noting that, when doing this, you should look at the available awnings. They provide protection to your living area from the sun, and shade if sitting outside, and they can be retracted when not in use. 

2. Remove Clutter

Take a good look at your living area. It s likely that there are more things in it than need to be. For example, having space for eight people when only two live there. You have to ask if you really need to expand living spaces or not.

Removing unnecessary clutter from the space, even if it’s just a stack of magazines, will instantly make it feel larger and more accessible. The smaller your living area the more important this is. 

3. Consider Knocking Through

Open-plan houses are very popular and for good reason. It makes living spaces larger and it’s easier to interact with other household members, regardless of what they are doing.

While it is not possible or practical in every home, you should take a look at your internal walls. If in doubt, get a builder or architect to look at them for you. If they’re not load-bearing you’ll be able to remove them and transform the look and feel of your house, as well as expand the space.  

4. Look at the Layout

It’s easy to accept the living space the way it is and has always been. However, take a few moments to look at the space and consider whether it is used properly or not. There are likely to be areas that are unused and serve no real purpose. This is known as dead space. You can rearrange the room to maximize the use of available space and make it feel larger.

5. Invade the Outdoors

Take the patio door theme one step further and create an outside entertaining area. It’s easy to do. Take your existing patio or deck and add some comfortable chairs, lights, and other furnishings. You expand living spaces into the outdoors and it’s much, much cheaper. As an added bonus, you’ve also encouraged more people to spend healthier time outside. 

Tre Pryor, Realtor

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