Top Reasons for Families to Live in Louisville

Ever-growing, downtown Louisville just keeps getting better and better! Louisville, Kentucky might just be one of the best places you can move with your family. It sits right on the Ohio River and happens to be the biggest city in the state of Kentucky. This means endless things to do, gorgeous weather, and many great people.

Photo of Downtown Louisville Kentucky

A few certain trademarks might even trigger your memory when you hear Louisville.  How about the famous Louisville slugger bat? Or the Kentucky Derby? It takes a lot of hard work and determination from a city to be put on the map like this. It just goes to show that Louisville holds its ground for its people and would make for a perfect family spot. Here are the top reasons as to why Louisville is a great place to live for families.


The weather in Louisville can prove to be charming. The sun is there when you need it, but most people crave a little diversity in their weather. Louisville gets its fair share of interesting weather without going to extremes. During the winters, it can get in the 30-degree range, but the snow doesn’t fall as much.

In most cases, it will just make for gorgeous weather. However, you can expect the rain to come throughout the entire year. As for the summers, it doesn’t get too hot. It is basically an all-around, enjoyable place for weather.

Activities Outdoors

Being so close to the Ohio River will make for great family fun outdoors. Once you get everyone together, head to the Waterfront Park for a great day with each other. Try getting some picnic food and accessories together and go claim one of their provided picnic areas. Yes, they have grills too!

If the kids are old enough, you can grab a bike rental afterward and glide around while you enjoy the awesome views together. This can actually be a great spot to teach the young ones how to fish, too. Charter a boat from Brochin Expeditions and catch the giant catfish that swim just below you. After you get the fish you want, you can even take the family for a traditional stroll across the Big Four bridge, right over the Ohio River – one of the best places to see the sunset. Just wait till you see the LEDs that complement the framework of the bridge.


Education is important to all of us and our families. We want the best for our children. Louisville supports that 100%. Ranging from elementary to college, there is no shortage of incredibly academically sound schools in the area. You can rest easy knowing that your child is getting the correct education.

Also, since Louisville is a big city, you have a variety of schools to choose from to make sure your child is having the best experience. A happy child equals happy parents. It is a major win!


You can expect a big city like Louisville to offer some fun and amazing entertainment, with things to do for everyone in the family. For starters, if you really want to experience Louisville, you will need to see the Belle of Louisville. Located in the heart of Louisville, known as the Ohio River, the glorious steamboat known as the Belle sits and waits for you to board.  This is more than just a boat trip. Some will even compare it to a time machine. This is where you really learn about the depths of Louisville’s history as you glide across the Ohio River. It is so incredible, and that is just one attraction Louisville has to offer!

Next, you can aim for thrills and chills at the Kentucky Kingdom amusement park. As long as your children are tall enough, you can hop on the adrenaline-pumping roller coasters. The dips, twists, and turns are guaranteed to get the whole family laughing and screaming. If it is a hot summer day, you can even hop into Hurricane Bay. Twenty-one water rides are ready for you to slide through for enjoyment. You can even go watch a horse race with the family at Churchill Downs. That is if your kids love horses. If they do, you can even visit the museums afterward. These are just three attractions. Imagine how many more are just waiting to be discovered!


In most cases, big cities tend to have people that keep to themselves and are not so friendly. As for Louisville, Kentucky, the people are the exact opposite. From my experience, they are fun and caring people that legitimately want to look out for each other. It is a strong and great community. A community I would bring my family around.

These are just a few examples as to why Louisville is a great option for you and your family. From the weather, all the way to the attractions, anyone is just about guaranteed to feel at home when they are here.  If you do not believe me, try taking a little road trip for yourself. After this trip, you’ll likely want to live in Louisville!